Ray Harryhausen - Talos

In March 2014 we began work on what is undoubtedly the most fascinating and involved sculpture project that we have ever undertaken. Talos Awakes has taken us over two years to complete with more than 3000 hours of painstaking work.

Talos is one of Ray Harryhausen’s most powerful and iconic creations. Talos Awakes depicts the Titan at the moment that he first comes to life and turns his head towards Hercules. Ray had started work on this sculpture in the 1990s; he had made the plinth for Talos to kneel on but had not sculpted the figure of Talos. We were given the challenge of finishing this sculpture, using the original animation model for the figure.

Alongside Talos Awakes we are producing a limited edition entitled Talos Frozen in Time , this is a snapshot of Talos exactly as he was in March 2014 when we started the project. We are offering these sculptures as limited editions in both bronze and cold-cast bronze.

The making of Talos Awakes is being documented on our Children of the Hydra Facebook page over the next few weeks.

We are also producing a full size and half size edition in bronze of a sculpture of Talos that Ray made in the 1990s.

Please click on the images below or email us for further details.

A contribution from every sculpture sold goes directly to The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation towards the preservation and upkeep of the incredible legacy of Ray's work.

Our thanks to Nick of Central Scanning, Bromsgrove, for the 3D scanning and printing, to Ben Southwell for having the dedication, patience and perseverance to see the project through and to Ray for giving us the inspiration...