Silver Mounted Jambiya




This Silver mounted Jambiya has a bright polished finish.

The blade is high carbon spring steel, the scabbard ash bound in calfskin.

The fittings on both the hilt and sheath are 999 Fine Silver.



Total length

Total weight



Silver Mounted Jambiya

415 mm (16 1/4")

610g (1lb 6oz)

3,250.00 GBP

3,900.00 GBP



Cases are available if required, lined in velvet and carefully fitted to each dagger, an example is shown below.


This design of Jambiya is also available to order with a blackened silver finish as shown below.

Silver Jambiya Blackened

The waiting time would be six to nine months for a blackened Jambiya.





Prices for items with silver fittings may be subject to change according to the spot price of silver.